The trip to Vernazza
Vernazza is one of the biggest “small towns” that form the famous touristic site “Le Cinque Terre” (UNESCO Word Heritage). It is placed in the middle of Le Cinque Terre park, between Corniglia and Monterosso. It is a beautiful town on a marvellous blue sea with a medieval little castle which dominates the gulf, from which, after a little bit of stairs, you can loose yourself in a beautiful sight of the entire Cinque Terre natural park.

You can enjoy Vernazza walking through little streets full of colors, with their little shops in which you can find some peculiar souvenirs and the typical food of the region. One of the local delights is “Focaccia”, a leavened soft bread with olive oil and with dressings for every taste such as olives, cheese, little tomatoes, vegetables. Another deliciousness is “Farinata”, a very thin pizza-like food made with chickpea flour. We strongly recommend that you try some of these tasty local delights as you explore this beautiful town.

Here you can find the roadmap of Vernazza. As you travel, you will find a lot of typical restaurants which serve Italian food and wine to enjoy a good meal. In Vernazza, you can explore the historical heritage by visiting the castle and a beautiful Church, which are located over the sea by the town square. Don't forget your swimming suit so that you can enjoy Vernazza's beautiful crystal clear sea.
Here you can find additional details about the town.

Trip Details
The trip to Vernazza will be on Sunday September 6th. It starts in La Spezia where the cruise will be docked. It will take place during the conference break between 10:00 AM and 17:00 (5 PM). (However, be sure to double check the conference schedule in the event any changes occur).

We will leave together from the Cruise terminal and reach La Spezia train station by bus. Then, we will take the train to reach Vernazza. There, you will be free to go around, enjoy the place or take a swim, as you prefer. We will recollect together in the afternoon at the train station and we will leave Vernazza by train reaching again the cruise terminal by bus from La Spezia station.

To join the trip we kindly ask you to subscribe for you and your accompanyng persons sending an email to cosmocruise2015@ifca.unican.es.
The cost is 10 euro per person (bus+train) or 5 euro per person if you walk to the train station and require only the train ticket. The walk (approx. 2 km) takes about 25 minutes. The LOC will collect the money on the cruise and buy the tickets for everybody in advance.
In the following we provide you with timetables and maps. Everyone will have his/her own ticket so that you can explore independently.

How to Go
The bus stop is in front of the Cruise terminal on the other side of the street. The name of bus stop is "Comune".
You can take the bus: number 3 to “Chiappa”, line S or line L to “Fossitermi”. The bus stop to get off is “La Spezia FS” or “Fiume FS.”
The La Spezia station is about 2 Km far from the Cruise terminal, so you can even walk to it.
Here you can find map of La Spezia with the bus stop and the footpath highlighted and also the time tables of the buses. Look at the Red boxes “Festivo” since it will be Sunday.
The time table of the trains to Vernazza can be found here with the train we wish to take highlighted in yellow.

How to Come Back
Here you can download the time table of the train to go back to La Spezia. In yellow we have highlighted the train we should take in order to reach the cruise on time for the afternoon session.
In La Spezia the bus stop is in Via Fiume. To reach it, just go down the stairs in front of the train station, cross the street and turn left. You can walk to the Cruise terminal or take the buses number 3 to “Folattino”, line S to “Sarzana” or line L to “Lerici”. Get off in “Comune” where you left in the morning. Here you can find the time tables of the buses. Again look at the Red boxes “Festivo” since it will be Sunday.