Special Session 10

The quest for detecting the primordial gravitational wave background

This page collects the PDF for the presentations (invited and contributed) given at the Sp10 "The quest for detecting the primordial gravitational wave background" that took place at the EWASS2015 meeting, celebrated in La Laguta (Tenerife, Spain) the 23rd June 2015.

Speaker Talk
Tania Regimbau The quest for the gravitational-wave stochastic background with Virgo/LIGO
Nazzareno Mandolesi The Planck legacy: low ell polarization, reionisation, Planck/Bicep2/Keck results on B-modes
Aniello Mennella Mesuaring the polarization of the cosmic microwave background: what we learned from Planck
Ricardo Génova-Santos The Quijote experiment: project overview and first results
Elia Stefano Battistelli Incoming subsorbital experiments for the quest of primodial B-modes
Elia Stefano Battistelli QUBIC: Q and U Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology
Francisco Javier Casas IR electrooptical correlator for a large format interferometer
Mario Zannoni LSPE the Large-Scale Polarization Explorer
Julian Borrill POLABEAR1, POLARBEAR-2 and the Simons Array
Carlo Baccigalupi Component separation methods for B-mode CMB experiments
Ludovic Montier Galactic dust polarization foregrounds for current and future CMB experiments
Raúl Fernández-Cobos Component separation in the light of present and forthcoming polarisation experiments
Jacques Delabrouille The hunt for the primordial gravitational wave background form space
Mathieu Remazeilles Sensitivity and foreground modelling for CMB B-mode polarization satellite missions
Leonid S. Kuzmin Multichroic Seashell antennas with a resonant cold-electron bolometers for COrE
Julian Borrill High performance computing for cosmic microwave background data analysis in the era of B-mode experiments