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Dark Matter 2016: From the smallest to the largest scales.


June 27th-July 1st 2016. Santander, Spain.

Please join us in a meeting that brings together particle physicist, astrophysicists, cosmologists and theoretician to discuss the latest developments on the quest for dark matter. The meeting will bring together experts on direct and indirect searches of dark matter and the connection between theory and experiments. Many experiments on earth, together with astrophysical observations, cover a wide range of energies yet the dark matter particle remains elusive. The meeting will review the current status in the field giving special emphasis to the latest efforts to detect the dark matter.

  The meeting includes the following topics:

  • Dark Matter candidates
  • Theory
  • Direct searches
  • Indirect searches
  • Colliders
  • Astrophysical evidences
  • Cosmological implications

  Preliminary list of invited Speakers and invited talks(*):

  • Laura Baudis, "Noble Liquid DM experiments"
  • Celine Boehm, "Alternative models to DM"
  • Alberto Casas, "The 750 GeV Di-photon resonance?"
  • David García Cerdeño, "SUSY DM" 
  • Thomas Hambye, "DM indirect detection from neutrinos"
  • Juan J. Hernandez Rey, "Dark Matter searches with neutrino telescopes"
  • Alejandro Ibarra, "Gamma ray constraints on heavy WIMPS"
  • Igor Irastorza, "Axion experiments overview"
  • Thomas Jacques, "Validity of EFT in DM searches at the LHC"
  • Aldo Lanni, "The Canfranc laboratory"
  • Simona Murgia, "Review of High-Energy astrophysics (Fermi, Galactic center)"
  • Benoit Famaey, "Issues with LambdaCDM"
  • Javier Tiffenberg, "Semiconductor based detectors for DM"
  • Kristian Hanhn, "DM@LHC: Overview of LHC results on DM"
  • Ning Zhou, "DM@LHC: Simplified models and signal interpretation"

The meeting will take place in the city of Santander, a well known summer resort city in the northern coast of Spain. The meeting starts on the afternoon of June 27th (approx at 3 PM) and will end in the morning of July 1st (approx. at 1:30 PM). Affordable accomodation (67 EUR/night with breakfast and taxes included) has been negotiated for all the participants in the conference hotel. Visit the venue page using the navigation links at the top/bottom of this pape for details on how to reserve your room. Lunch and coffe breaks will be provided to all participants during the duration of the conference and included in the conference fee.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC):
L. Baudis, F. Canelli, J.M. Diego, K. Freese, D. Hooper,
S. Heinemeyer, A. Ibarra, I. Irastorza, C. Muñoz, K. Olive,
A. Riotto, T. Rodrigo, M. Sarsa, J. Silk, T. Tait

Local Organizing Committee (LOC):
Xavier Barcons, Jose M. Diego, Sven Heinemeyer,
Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez, Teresa Rodrigo, Alberto Ruiz,
Rocio Vilar


Poster: Click the conference poster to download.




(*) The final list of invited speakers will be announced together with the final program. Some changes are to be expected in this list.