COSMOCRUISE 2015: At the Edge of Discovery



Please join us for the first Cosmology Meeting on the sea! We will be traveling on the spectacular MSC Divina ship for seven nights. The cost of the meeting (room, meals and conference fee) is comparable to other major meetings while offering a completely different experience than standard conferences. In order to ease the processing of the reimbursement by your home institution, the total cost (around 1000 EUR covering the conference fee plus room for 7 nights plus all meals for eight days) will be split into two separate bills. One for the conference fee (including all meals and breakfasts) for 460 EUR and another one for the accomodation (remaining balance depending on room type for approx. 600 EUR). Also the meeting starts and ends in the middle of the week bringing down the cost of airline tickets to and from Barcelona. Unfortunately, and as a consequence of keeping the conference cost as low as possible, we do not expect to have the funds to provide financial support to any of the participants so we hope your home institution or grant can provide the funds to participate in this exciting meeting.

The meeting topics will cover the latest results in Cosmology ranging from the early universe to on-going dark matter experiments on planet earth. 2015 will be an important year for Cosmology. Key experiments are expected to deliver relevant results based on observations of the CMB polarization, LSS studies based on large surveys, and tight constraints on DM properties based on direct and indirect searches.

In total, the meeting will contain approximately 30-hours of talks. There will be two 3-4 hour sessions daily, a morning session and an afternoon session. At the end of each day, there will be a round table for discussing some of the daily topics. In between these sessions there will be time for you and your family/friends to explore some of the wonders of Europe, enjoy the many amenities in the ship, or ponder about the nature of dark matter with your colleagues and a drink, or by yourself at one of the pools.

The ship goes from, and returns to, the beautiful and exciting Barcelona Spain. The ship will tour the Mediterranean with ports of call in Spain, France, and Italy. For route details visit the VENUE page.

Family Friendly
This meeting is particularly family friendly. Children under 17 yr old pay only taxes and port fees, so bring them on! The ship includes a variety of ammenities and a diverse program full of entertainment for the entire family.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC):
G. Barenboim, S. Bridle, M. Bucher, J. Carlstrom,
A. Cooray, J.M. Diego, K. Freese, B. Jain, W. Kinney,
J. Khoury, E. Komatsu, A. Liddle, C.-P. Ma, R. Mandolesi,
H. Peiris, L. Randall, A. Refregier, S. Sarkar, D. Scott,
J. Silk, A. Starobinski, R. Sunyaev, M. Zaldarriaga

Local Organazing Commitee (LOC):
Laura Bonavera, Elizabeth Brait, Jose M. Diego,
Joaquin Gonzalez-Nuevo, Diego Molinari (IFCA),
Diego Pavon (Univ. Autonoma Barcelona),
Daniela Paoletti (INAF/IASF-BO INFN Bologna)
Marcos Pereda (Viajes el Corte Ingles)


Poster: Click the conference poster to download.


The meeting includes the following topics:

  • Inflation
  • Theory
  • CMB (Temperature and Polarization)
  • Reionization
  • Large Scale Structure (Surveys, SN, Ly-alpha,...)
  • Gravitational Lensing
  • Galaxy Clusters
  • Galaxy Formation
  • Dark Matter
  • Dark Energy
  • Particle Astrophysics



Preliminary list of invited Speakers(*):

A. Albrecht, L. Baudis, G. Bertone, M. Bucher, T. Broadhurst, G. De Zotti, J. Frieman, A. Joyce, J. Kovac, C.-P. Ma, R. Mandolesi, L. Randall, A. Refregier, D. Scott, P. Shapiro, J. Gaskins, J. Silk, A. Starobinski

(*) The final list of invited speakers will be announced together with the final program. Some changes are to be expected in this list.