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The list below includes the participants taht have succesfully confirmed their registration for the conference. Some participants will confirm later on so this list is expected to expand as the date of the conference comes closer. Please check if your name is in the list (alphabetical order). If you have already registered and you can not find your name below, please contact us. Accompanying persons are not included in this list.

  Full name   Affiliation  
    Andreas Albrecht     UC Davis  
    Gianfranco Bertone     GRAPPA - University of Amsterdam  
    Nadia Bolis     UC Davies  
    Joseph Bramante     University of Notre Dame  
    Iris Breda     CAUP  
    Martin Bucher     APC, Universite Paris  
    Jessica Cook     Arizona State  
    Gianfranco De Zotti     INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, SISSA  
    Jose Maria Diego Rodriguez     IFCA  
    Klaus Dolag     USM  
    Rouven Essig     Stony Brook University  
    Jennifer Gaskins     GRAPPA - University of Amsterdam  
    Garret Goon     University of Cambridge  
    Leonid Gurvitis     Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, Delft University of Technology  
    Kurt Hinterbichler     Perimeter Institute  
    Rajeev Kumar Jain     CP3-Origins - University of Southern Denmark  
    Austin Joyce     University of Chicago  
    Ratna Koley     Presidency University, Kolkata  
    John Kovac     Harvard University  
    Michael Kopp     University of Cyprus  
    Claudia Lagos     ICRAR, Australia  
    Nelson Lima     University of Edingburgh  
    Yin-Zhe Ma     University of Manchester  
    Mathew Madhavacheril     Stony Brook University  
    Nazzareno Mandolesi     University of Ferrara  
    Leonid Marochnik     UMD  
    Julian Merten     Caltech  
    Marina Migliaccio     Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge  
    Diego Molinari     IFCA, Santander  
    Christopher Morrison     Argelander-Institut für Astronomie  
    Supratik Pal     Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata  
    Daniela Paoletti     INAF/IASF-BO, INFN Bologna  
    Diego Pavon     Autonomous University of Barcelona  
    Qiuhe Peng     Nanjing University  
    Piergiorgio Picozza     INFN & Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata  
    Dmitri Pogosian     University of Alberta  
    Robert Preece     University of Alabama in Huntsville  
    Alexandre Refregier     ETH Zurich  
    Graziano Rossi     Sejong University  
    Douglas Scott     University of British Columbia  
    Neelima Sehgal     Stony Brook University  
    Kendrick Smith     Perimeter Institute  
    Yong-Seon Song     KASI  
    Alexei Starobinsky     Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS  
    Henry Stoltenberg     UC Davies  
    Cora Uhleman     LMU Munich