IMPORTANT Conference Deadlines & Cancellation Policies:
Please note that due to the peculiar nature of this conference, the deadlines and the registration process will be slightly different to what we are normally accustomed to. We have made all the efforts possible to secure a smooth and trouble-free registration process but we still must comply with the cruise regulations so we need your collaboration and pay special attention to the strict and tight deadlines and cancellation policies.


REGISTRATION: Registration is open until JULY 13th. A few selected talks are still expected to be incorporated into the program. These talks include invited speakers that are still pending confirmation but also regular talks so you are still welcomed to apply for a talk through Step 1) in the registration (see below). Registering sooner than later is highly recommended to secure a room in the boat at a competitive price. Please be aware that the cost of the rooms may increase as the conference dates get closer. Our travel agency will get you the best possible rate and, if possible, maintain the prices and conditions quoted in the CABINS page (the total cost for 7 night room+8 day all meals+conference fee should still be close to 1150 EUR until July 13th). A booking deposit of 130 euro per person (participant and/or accompanying person) is required during registration (see Step 2 below) to secure a stateroom. You are welcomed to contact our travel agency (see CONTACT page) to get a quote on the room price for you (and your party) before you register and complete Step 2. After you register, you are expected to pre-pay the remaining balance of your reservation a few weeks after your registration is confirmed. Those reservations that fail to confirm may be automatically cancelled and the cancellation fee applied. Please follow steps 1) and 2) described below to register.

Step 1:
First, fill out the Registration Form. You can use this form to submit a title/abstract to be considered by the SOC.

Step 2:
Once the registration form of Step 1 is submitted you will be directed to a stateroom booking page where you can complete Step 2 and reserve a stateroom for you and your companion(s) if any, and pay the booking deposit (130 EUR per person) for the stateroom. The payment and reservation will be processed by our partner travel agency Viajes el Corte Ingles.

Please be aware that your registration is not complete until the registration form (Step 1) has been submitted and the booking of your room (Step 2) has been formalized. You should receive an e-mail stating that you are officially registered once the registration is complete.

Booking Deposit Policy:
If after you pay the 130 EUR booking deposit you decide you don't want to attend the meeting we will apply the following cancelation policy:
40 EUR PER PERSON (retained), if you cancel before January 15th 2015
100 EUR PER PERSON (retained) , if you cancel after January 15th 2015 (and before first of May)

Full Registration Policy:
If after January 15th, you confirmed your booking by paying the remaining balance, and later on you need to cancel your trip you will be subject to the following cancelation policy below (based on the cruise cancellation policies)

NOTE: During the payment of the final balance you will have the option to purchase a travel insurance policy which is highly recccommended to protect you against these cancelation fees)

The penalties below apply to all registrations (cancellations after first of May) :

15% total of the cabin amount, if you cancel before July 7th 2015
25% total of the cabin amount, if you cancel before July 20th 2015
50% total of the cabin amount, if you cancel before August 10th 2015
75% total of the cabin amount, if you cancel before August 20th 2015
100% total of the cabin amount, if you cancel after August 21st 2015