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  Invited Speaker   Title  
    Andreas Albrecht
  (UC Davis)

  Inflation, Tuning and Measures

    Gianfranco Bertone
  (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)

  Dark Matter Searches

    Martin Bucher
  (APC, Universite Paris 7)

  Inflation after Planck 2014

    Gianfranco De Zotti
  (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, SISSA)

  Galaxy-AGN co-evolution: a physical approach

    Jennifer Gaskins
  (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)

  High-energy astroparticles and dark matter

    Austin Joyce
  (University of Chicago)

  Beyond the Cosmological Standard Model

    John Kovac
  (Harvard University)

  B-mode measurements from the South Pole

    Claudia Lagos
  (ICRAR, Australia)

 The interstellar medium of galaxies in simulations: predictions and expectations for the next generation of telescopes (ALMA; SKA)

    Marina Migliaccio
  (Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge)

 Cosmological parameters with Planck

    Nazzareno Mandolesi
  (University of Ferrara)

 Results from the Planck mission

    Alexandre Refregier
  (ETH Zurich, Inst. for Astronomy)

  Weak Lensing

    Douglas Scott
  (University of British Columbia)

  On CMB Monopoles and Dipoles

    Alexei Starobinsky
  (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS)

  Present status of inflation and future perspectives


Oral contributions (approx 20 min. each)

  Speaker   Title  
    Nadia Bolis
  (UC Davies)

  Inflation with entaglement between scalar and tensor modes

    Joseph Bramante
  (University of Notre Dame)

 Signals of asymmetric dark matter from galactic center pulsar implosions

    Jessica Cook
  (Arizona State)

  Reheating predictions in single field inflation

    Jose M. Diego

  Dark matter in the Hubble Frontier Fields clusters

    Klaus Dolag

  The Magneticum Simulations

    Rouven Essig
  (Stony Brook University)

  New Avenues to Detect sub-GeV Dark Matter

    Garret Goon
  (University of Cambridge)

  Superluminalities in EFT

    Leonid Gurvits
  (Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, Delft University of Technology)

  Compact structures of extragalactic radio sources in the cosmological context

    Kurt Hinterbichler
  (Perimeter Institute)

  Holography for a Non-Inflationary Early Universe

    Ratna Koley
  (Presidency University, Kolkata)

  Role of nonlinear electromagnetic field in inflationary magnetogenesis

    Rajeev Kumar Jain
  (CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark)

  Non-gaussian imprints of primordial magnetic
  fields from inflation

    Michael Kopp
  (University of Cyprus)

  Dark matter properties and the cosmic microwave background

    Nelson Lima
  (University of Edinburgh)

  On the the phenomenology of extended Brans-Dicke Gravity

    Yin-Zhe Ma
  (University of Manchester)

  Detection of the missing baryons with kinetic and thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect

    Mathew Madhavacheril
  (Stony Brook University)

  Cluster Cosmology and Growth Probes with High-Resolution CMB Experiments

    Leonid Marochnik

  Inflation, CMB Anisotropy and Dark Energy from Instantons

    Julian Merten

  The Concentration-Mass Relation from CLASH

    Diego Molinari

  Higher order momentum analysis as a powerful test of the Planck CMB maps

    Christopher Morrison
  (Argelander-Institut fur Astronomie)

  Weighted Randoms for Mutli-Epoch Surveys: Application to CFHTLenS and KiDS

    Supratik Pal
  (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)

  Is dark energy phantom-like? What do the recent observations tell us?

    Daniela Paoletti
  (INAF/IASF-BO, INFN Bologna)

  Constraining primordial magnetic fields with CMB anisotropies

    Diego Pavón
  (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

  Does the Universe behaves as a normal thermodynamic system?

    Qiuhe Peng
  (Nanjing University)

  Observational evidences for existence of the magnetic monopole and its significance

    Piergiorgio Picozza
  (INFN & Univ. Roma Tor Vergata)

  Exploring Cosmic Rays by Balloon, Satellite and Space Station Experiments

    Dmitri Pogosian
  (University of Alberta)

  Topology of the Universe from Planck CMB data

    Robert Preece
  (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

  Gamma-Ray Bursts and Cosmology

    Graziano Rossi
  (Sejong University)

  Constraints on dark radiation from cosmological probes

    Neelima Sehgal
  (Stony Brook University )

  CMB Lensing Results from ACTPol Temperature and Polarization Data

    Kendrick Smith
  (Perimeter Institute)

  CHIME: status report and forecasts

    Yong-Seon Song

  Cosmology with combining power spectra and bispectra

    Cora Uhleman
  (LMU Munich)

  Large Scale structure formation with the Schroedinger method